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All indoor classes are held at the Physical Aimz Fitness Studio – 28 Wood Street, South Geelong

They cater for all fitness levels and abilities, and are constantly varied so you never get bored. If you are new to exercise, want a social atmosphere or need an extra push… Group training is just what you need!

Group Training Prices

30 Day Intro Pass $49

Casual session $14

10 Visit pass $120 (12 month expiry from date of purchase.  Non-refundable)

Membership $25 per week direct debit – Unlimited classes! (No contract, 30 days notice for cancellations)

What are the Group Fitness Training Classes?

Outdoor Fitness:

Enjoy Geelong’s beautiful waterfront while getting fit and strong! In this outdoor class we combine running, bodyweight strength exercises, boxing, hills, grass and sand to create an experience you will be talking about all day.  We use a wide variety of equipment to keep each session new and exciting.


Boxing is an incredible low impact exercise that uses the whole body!  Strengthen and tone your arms, back and core whilst working at a high intensity burning fat.  Interspersing each round with lower body movements you can’t find a better all-round workout.  No experience needed, gloves and liners provided.

Functional Fitness:

Utilising all the latest exercises, trends and equipment to create one of a kind workouts so you never get bored!  We have kettlebells, battle ropes, deadballs, medicine balls, tyres, resistance bands, sleds, free weights and much, much more.  Our aim is to keep it interesting and fun.

Circuit Training:

No thinking or counting required!  A circuit of stations is set up and explained.  Then then work to your capacity on each station for the designated time, focussing on technique and intensity.  A proven style of training that will achieve great results.


High Intensity Interval Training – Short and fast bursts of exercise followed a rest.  The idea is to work as hard as possible, then allow a short recovery before repeating.  A very good way of building fitness and increasing your cardio ability.  An example of this style is TABATA (20seconds of work – 10seconds rest X 8 rounds)

Bub friendly:

In this convenient 9:30am class you will be able to achieve your post-baby goals without needing to find a babysitter! We focus on getting you moving again, working within your current limitations and building your strength and fitness back and beyond.
Safety guidelines are to be followed in these classes 


If the class or times don’t suit you, Personal Training may be your answer.